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A young woman unwittingly live-streamed her own death when the car she was a passenger in smashed into a barrier.

The footage shows Nikol Barabasova holding her phone up to start a Facebook Live as her friend drives VW.

The pair were reportedly driving at more than 120kph (74.5mph) in Obrnice, Czech Republic and were allegedly trying to reach speeds of 170kph when it crashed into a barrier, killing Nikol.

Both girls appear to be in high spirits as they travel along, but the footage then shows the horrifying moment the car flips, hitting a barrier.

The live stream is left running as it goes inaudible, with the camera focused on a seatbelt, nothing moves inside the vehicle.

A member of the emergency services reportedly ended the live-stream after arriving on the scene, according to the Mirror.

According to local reports, Nikol’s friend remains in intensive care unit suffering with a serious head injury.

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This isn’t the first of its kind either, recently, UNILAD reported a similar case

Sofia Magerko, 16, and friend Daria Medvedeva, 24, were both killed when their vehicle spun out of control and crashed into a lamppost.

Sofia, who had won a beauty contest in her hometown of Izyum in eastern Ukraine died instantly following the collision.

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Founder impress Zuckerberg recently spoke out approximately the tragedies on his own Facebook page.

He wrote:

whether we’re going to build a safe community, we need to reply quickly.

We’re working to beget these videos easier to report so we can lift the right action sooner – whether that’s responding quickly when someone needs succor or taking a post down.

Stay safe while driving, stick to the speed limit and don’t distract yourself.

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