“Who Are You?” Tania Mehra Secretly Brings Security to Shiva Safai's Sleepover in weird moment Wives Club Sneak Peek – eonline

Beware of the party crasher!

Shiva Safai‘s campfire sleepover is disrupted when she notices an unknown and uninvited man hanging out in her backyard in this weird sneak peek from Sunday night’s any-novel episode of moment Wives Club.

“Who is this guy over there by my pool?” Shiva wonders. “There’s some guy sitting there. Who is that?” As most of the girls inspect around in confusion, Shiva walks over to confront the intruder. “effect I know you?” she asks.

“I’m a P.A., production assistant,” he responds.

Katie Cazorla then walks over to wait on Shiva obtain to the bottom of the mysterious situation after the camera crew denies knowing him. “So, who are you?” she asks.

“Security,” he replies.

With the ladies’ attention on him, Tania Mehra seizes the opportunity to seize her bag and quickly sneak absent. “I’m going to spend the bathroom, guys,” she says. “I got to pee.”

But just as Tania starts to invent her exit, the man also gets up to leave.

“Oh, I see what’s happening right now!” Veronika Obeng exclaims. “Tania just left and now he’s leaving. He’s security for Tania!” Yikes!

See the awkward moment fade down in the scene above!

Watch a brand-novel episode of moment Wives Club Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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