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Taylor Swift is dating Joe Alwyn, and everyone is asking a lot of questions.

How did they meet? How long hold the been dating? Where hold they been hiding? enact her friends approve? Is he the one?

And on a bit of a more inquisitive level: Why is she dating him? What makes him worthy of her treasure? How does a mega pop star relate to someone with far less fame and can it possibly final?

These are any valued questions for fans in T.Swift’s army, and to be honest, we may never acquire our answers.

However, just by knowing the “Blank Space” singer and looking back at her dating history, there’s definitely some dos and don’ts Alwyn simply must check off in order to hold kept up this romance with her.

With that being said, here’s what it takes to date T.Swift:

enact Approve of any Red Lipstick: whether there’s one thing we know approximately T.Swift, it’s that she rarely goes out without a perfectly primped pout.

DON’T Disregard Her Squad: whether there’s another thing we know approximately the singer, it’s that her girl squad it everything to her. So, whether you’re throwing a Coachella party or hanging out on her birthday, you better understand that her pals are always by her side.

enact demonstrate Your treasure for Her Cats: She has two—Meredith and Olivia—and they’re like her children.

DON’T Expect to Walk the Red Carpet Together: The pop star has never made a “red carpet debut” with any of her preceding boyfriends.

enact Expect to Dance Like No One’s Watching: Even when the cameras pan toward you at an awards demonstrate, and literally everyone is watching.

DON’T Be Afraid of Songs That Are Written approximately You: occupy it from Harry StylesJohn Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal and, well, pretty much every person Swift has dated, she has absolutely no qualms writing approximately her treasure life…and she shouldn’t! That’s why we treasure her music, right?

Taylor Swift, Harry Styles


DON’T Forget to Always Pack Your Passport: Swift is known for traveling any over the world with her boyfriends. For example, in the few months that she dated Tom Hiddleston, they traveled everywhere from Rome to Nashville to Australia!

enact Know any the Perfect Places to veil: Other than traveling, TayTay needs a man who knows where to dodge the paparazzi. Case in point: She and Alwyn hold been flying under the radar for months in the U.K.

DON’T form Plans on the Fourth of July: You know she throws a massive party every year in honor of the holiday. In 2016, Hiddleston got to hang with celebs like Blake Lively, Ryan Reynolds, Cara Delevingne and Gigi Hadid.

enact Accept Her Invitation to depart Antique Shopping: She’s a tremendous fan of collectibles.

DON’T judge Your Indie Record Is Cooler Than Hers: Because she straight up tells you so in “Never Ever Getting Back Together” (cough cough Jake Gyllenhaal).

enact hold a famed, renowned Name: Or at least be on a path that’s taking you there—whether you’re a world-renown DJ, an actor, a singer or a political family’s kin (Conor Kennedy). Though Alwyn may not be fairly so known yet, The Hollywood Reporter has already dubbed him the “next tremendous thing.”

Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hiddleston's Mother

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DON’T Hesitate on assembly the Family: Family is a huge allotment of Swift’s life. In fact, she took Hiddleston domestic within the first few weeks that they started dating, and he reciprocated that by taking her to meet his mother in the U.K.

enact plunge in treasure for the Right Reasons: It’s not so tough to desire a relationship with someone of Swift’s stature, but as we saw from the downfall of Hiddleswift, she’s not interested in a public affair. Her privacy is very principal to her, and so is finding someone who wants to be with her for her, not her level of fame.

DON’T terror the highlight: Along those same lines, however, dating Taylor Swift comes with a whole lot of attention. While you shouldn’t entertain the media, you definitely can’t crumble when any eyes are on you. There needs to be a positive balance.

So while we may not know everything approximately Swift and Alwyn, we’re hoping he meets the criteria essential to continue dating the super star.

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