What are the basic requirements to qualify for a payday loan? – Investopedia


Payday loans, also known as cash advances, are short-term, low-balance, high-interest loans typically at usury rates that are so-named because of a tendency for the funds to be borrowed on a post-dated check that is cashed on the borrower’s upcoming payday. These loans are designed to be quick and easy and generally beget very limited qualification loan requirements.

Per the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, or CFPB, most payday lenders only demand that the following conditions be met for a person to qualify for a loan: borrower must beget an active checking account; borrower must provide some proof of income; borrower must beget valid identification; and borrower must be at least 18. The qualification and loan application process can be as fleet as 15 minutes whether you can quickly note you meet complete of the requirements. In most circumstances, the borrower writes a check for the loan amount plus a lending fee, and the lender holds onto the check until a predetermined due date.

Qualifying loan amounts vary depending on the borrower’s income and the payday lender, although most states beget laws establishing maximum payday loan amounts. Some states even limit the ability of borrowers to beget multiple outstanding payday loans in an attempt to withhold consumers from borrowing large amounts at extremely high interest rates.

Loan requirements should not be the only consideration whether you are thinking approximately a payday loan. In terms of annual percentage rates, or APR, it is not deviant for payday loans to exceed 500% or even 1,000%. Even though commerce, trade models and regulations limit the size and duration of payday loans, these types of loans are still an expensive alternative and should be undertaken with care.

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