This Footage Shows A Woman Begging devout Picketers To Leave Her Alone As She Enters An Abortion Clinic by Buzzfeed

The footage was taken and published by a volunteer for advocacy group Young Queenslanders for the Right To Choose on Saturday and shows a picketer approaching the doors of Options Clinic in Spring Hill as a patient is entering.

“God hates the hands that shed his blood,” the protester tells the woman.

“Just shut up that is so traumatic,” the patient responds. “That is so fucking traumatic.”

“We’re here to succor you,” the protester says.

“I don’t want your succor.”

“That baby’s got a heartbeat appreciate, please turn absent, we can succor you.”

Once the patient is inside the clinic the protester then addresses the right to choose volunteers: “That baby’s got a heartbeat and what that is is murder, and you guys are standing, you will stand before God as murderers by supporting this horrific act.”

“This is a diminutive 12-week-worn baby,” the protester says. “That diminutive one that you contain has a heartbeat, 10 fingers, 10 toes and God hates the hands that shed his blood.”

The state’s Law Reform Commission will this month hand down a report into legislation to decriminalise the procedure and enact safe-access zones to protect patients external clinics in Queensland.

“As each of the patients arrived we had escorts walking with them side-by-side through the protesters and I filmed the protesters, careful not to capture the patients,” the volunteer who took the footage, Kate Marchesi, told BuzzFeed News.

“That specific woman who you can hear shouting back to the protesters, as were her support network, was begging the protesters to stop and you can hear her yelling approximately how traumatic it is.”

Marchesi said protesters carry baskets full of baby goods — “baby oil, baby powder and baby clothes”— and escort volunteers regularly removed “children’s clothing found on the steps into the clinic”.

“We decided to publish the footage because the protesters external the clinics regularly say that they are sidewalk counsellors who offer support, succor and another option to women accessing abortion clinics, and in my experience attending these clinics as an escort this couldn’t be further from the truth.”

​Queensland deputy premier Jackie Trad, who shared the videos on her Facebook page, said that the establishment of safe-access zones in Queensland was “critical”.

“We promised the people of Queensland at the final election that we would wait and glance at complete of the recommendations from the Law Reform Commission,” Trad told reporters on Saturday.

“I reflect some of the harassment that we contain seen of women trying to access healthcare has been absolutely disgraceful and I reflect it is primary that as lawmakers we design certain that women are kept safe in their time of need.”

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