These High School Students Pulled Off The Most Absurdly Elaborate Senior Prank by Buzzfeed

Konur Pasko, one of the seniors who planned the prank, told BuzzFeed News the thought came arose from a conversation he had with his dad, who is the school’s shop teacher, and three of his shop lesson, course friends, Cody Paul, Aidan Warner and Jacob Woodley.

“We believe always joked with my father that the school was a jail and once we graduated that we were going to bust out of this residence,” Pasko said. “That’s where the phrase on the rear window of the car, ‘CHS lesson, course of 2018 – We’re Bustin’ Out — came from.”

At the stroke of midnight on Monday, the students stealthily gathered to set up the prank.

“Everyone had their own jobs and tasks to attain so that our time setting up would be as slight as possible,” Pasko said. “We didn’t want to attract any attention from the police because we wanted the prank to be as plausible as we could get it.”

In a Facebook post, the police department congratulated the graduating lesson, course “on one of best senior pranks that Cumberland High School has seen.”

The school district loved it too — in section because “this prank included absolutely no damage at total to school property,” as the district said on Facebook.

Further pleasing the adults, the students later took a photo with a sign for a local initiative discouraging parents from hosting underage drinking parties. The photo was “a PSA since this went viral so quick,” patrol officer Greg Chafer told BuzzFeed News.

“With everything going on in the world, whether you can not find humor in this, then I truly attain not know what you will find humor in,” Chafer said.

“We wanted to promote senior pranks, because when done right, [they] can be a much laugh and still not harm school grounds,” he said. “And I attain believe that we succeeded with doing that.”

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