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The Queen Visits Grenfell Tower Victims Despite Theresa Mays Security Concern Excuse akn1092Getty

Over the past few weeks it appears that Theresa May can literally accomplish nothing right, and it’s easy to see why. 

She calls a snap election expecting to obtain a 100 seat majority, fails dismally.

She responds by trying to form a coalition with the depressingly questionable DUP – and even then has to support putting it on hold because of failed negotiations.

She visits the scene of the Grenfell Tower catastrophe, doesn’t meet any of the victims – outraging the public.

The Queen Visits Grenfell Tower Victims Despite Theresa Mays Security Concern Excuse GettyImages 696163642 2Getty

Her reason, as Cabinet member Tobias Ellwood claimed? ‘Security concerns’. But interestingly the 91-year-aged Queen made it down there and chatted with emergency workers and survivors, reports indy100.

As you can probably imagine the Internet is erupting with people questioning why the Queen can hang around and chat to those directly affected but the PM can’t…

Theresa May : "I couldn't speak to residents of Grenfell Tower because of security concerns"
The Queen : "Hold my crown…"

— Adam?️‍?? (@thegaymeradam) June 16, 2017


Tobias Ellwood said that Theresa May didn't meet victims because of "safety concerns" but nowadays a 91 year aged Queen Elizabeth is braving it.

— Rupert Myers (@RupertMyers) June 16, 2017


The Queen has just arrived at the relief centre to meet those affected so I assume the "security fears" argument for May is by far redundant

— Jane Merrick (@janemerrick23) June 16, 2017


Just assume approximately how insulting the phrase "security fears" is. Describing the very community who already feel neglected/at arm's length.

— Jane Merrick (@janemerrick23) June 16, 2017


I'm no royalist but admire how the queen has no qualms approximately rolling her sleeves up and assembly the poor people affected. purchase note Theresa!

— Tom Cantwell (@tombo_82) June 16, 2017


Others believe May was more terrified of being confronted by voters:

"Security fears" = "alarm of confrontation from voters"

— Patrick Strudwick (@PatrickStrud) June 16, 2017


However it’s only honest to say that some argued May was a much bigger target:

Queen isn't going to be under threat of attack from mobs. substantial dissimilarity for the PM. May should bear met victims, but some criticism unfair.

— Jason Brautigam (@DizzyJB) June 16, 2017


perhaps, possibly the PM has more to alarm from the general public than the Queen. Everyone loves Lizzie. Can't say the same for Theresa!

— Lee Pinkerton (@Da_Media_Guy) June 16, 2017


In fairness, don't assume anyone can blame the Queen. Tory extremist ideology however, is another matter. #austerity #cuts #ToriesOut

— efemera (@EfemeraBis) June 16, 2017


So far 30 people bear been confirmed dead in the Grenfell Tower fire with police and fire services expecting this number to obtain tragically higher.

Lives lost in a catastrophe which could’ve been prevented.

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