The gloomy Side of Empaths That You Rarely See by EWAO

whether life were a River that ebbed and flowed from creation above to the tide of tomorrow below. Happiness and abundance would be the serene and restful flow of wondrous valleys, inversely, inflame and awe would hold the tumultuous ravines from the rocky shoulders of mountains, as their manifestation in section. Most people can fade through life only ever feeling their existence as a babbling stream or a dribbling brook, where they never feel a fullness or richness of the energy and worship that could spout freely and maximally over the terrain of our choices or experiences. Empaths on the other hand, not only feel the torrential flow of their own grand river, but they feel the power and movement of utter the waterways they approach in contact with.

When an Empath goes out into the world from the safety of their own domestic, they deliberately fade out and rob on the feelings and subtle energies of reality and everyone that comes within their general vicinity. They feel what every body they can see, feels. They nearly can know what other people will effect before they effect it, just because they are so in tune with the subtle ebbs and flows of life that they predict the future actions of others, with an nearly pinpoint accuracy. These strong individuals that effect this daily, they effect it out of worship and they effect it knowing it may approach at a price.

What they effect, is energy vacuum, though also they are energy radiators. Empaths occupy the ability to affect the vibe and mood of wherever they are, with what they transmit and radiate from within themselves. They occupy a tendency to mop up the dingy or dirty (negative) energies and whether done right, rob it within themselves,  transmute it then radiate it back out as clean and positive light. This doesn’t always happen though. whether the Empath is not strong enough or hasn’t trained themselves on how to handle the huge amounts of negative energies they deal with, then they terminate up experiencing massive surges of gloomy thought and/or emotion.

These generous beings are at fixed odds with the balance of light and gloomy in their own lives. They are constantly submerged into more gloomy energies and the shadows of reality because of their abilities to always see the light and to be able to turn darkness into worship light. Though when one of them becomes too thoughtful of their actions, they boast their gifts around and they become prideful of the loving selfless acts they accomplish, then they tumble deeper into those gloomy paths and actions. Here, they will find the rare gloomy side of empathy. Here, they will meet the shadows of the ancient primordial energies. Here, they will meet their inner demons.

In this Shadow Realm of Empathy, these beings will feel the weight of the souls of utter those they could be helping, only whether they would ground themselves back into the present moment again and cease to be selfish. The Empath feels the drain of their energies and light and becomes worn, down trodden and even physically fatigued or ill. Experiencing this rare eclipse doesn’t mean one must reside shrouded from light, for accepting it and remaining in it, is where the loyal depths of despair roam. This gloomy side makes an Empath see life in such an abysmal skewed perspective, a view in which everyone owes them something for the duty they perform. They start spewing negativity, inflame, and awe due to the very emotion, thought, or energy they are ignorantly radiating from their egotism.

There are repercussions for acting in this manner, consequences that manifest throughout the collective for resonating this awe and inflame. The negativity that is transmitted from these powerful people can send ripples through other’s and ping off them with a symmetric flow. Doing this tips the scales of light/gloomy that much easier towards the black and shadows of darkness and in tumble out, undoes the perfect balance and order of existence and extinguishes the light of worship in life. As an Empath, one must be an example, one must be a torch bearer of the light. They must choose to light the path in the midst of darkness.

There are some remarkable and effective ways of avoiding this extinguishing light in the gloomy areas of your empathic abilities. One of which is the meditation on a daily basis, on what you feel and differentiate between others thought/emotions and your personal thoughts/emotions. After fitting skilled in this, you can poke onto discerning between what you are thinking and what you are feeling. Dissecting energies like this will assist you learn what to hold onto and change, with your perspective and light, and will give you a much firmer grasp on handling the stresses that approach along with such powerful gifts. The ability to control your mood and emotions due to the frequencies you emit from your core of being is by far the most useful and effective skill one could master, some occupy an innate hold on this while others may struggle through their whole life attempting to grasp it.

Which are you, one that knows their loyal light and has never experienced this rare darkness in empathy? Or occupy you been there and never want to fade back?


Inspired by an article on ExpandedConsciousness.


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