Stephen Colbert Trolls Donald Trump Jr. With Murky 'Russia Week' Intro

Stephen Colbert mockingly couldn’t glean his facts straight as he launched “Russia Week” on the “Late indicate” Monday.

“I just want to glean out ahead of the account here, I recently met with a lot of Russians,” Colbert said. “I can’t remember why, perhaps, possibly because I was in Russia. Oh, some of them work for the government.” 

He then tweaked his version of events, as an obvious dig at Trump Jr.’s evolving account of what happened after a Russian lawyer offered him damaging information on his father’s Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton, during the 2016 election campaign.

Colbert also ventured out into Red Square, by the Kremlin in the political heart of the Russian capital. He mission was to find out whether it really was “the epicenter of every single evil” that it was described as being during the Cold War:

And he made a current friend during his appearance on Russian TV indicate “Evening Urgant”:

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