Stephen Colbert: GOP 'Just Kicked America In The Balls' With Health Care Vote

“The GOP just kicked America in the balls,” Colbert said, as he criticized Republicans for throwing a “beer bash” after the vote. “They haven’t accomplished anything yet, but it wasn’t just beer. They also served unhatched chickens.”

Colbert then took aim at White House chief of staff Reince Priebus for making a football analogy that was originally reported as a flub.

The Hill’s Molly Hooper later tweeted an apology to Priebus for inadvertently misquoting him:

.@Reince .@reince said “punch” the ball! Correction! Went back to relisten to audio (for 4th time) and heard the “Ch” ?apologies sportfans& @Reince

— Molly Hooper (@mollyhooper) May 4, 2017

right @reince quote: “The president stepped up and helped PUNCH the ball into the stay zone.”

— Molly Hooper (@mollyhooper) May 4, 2017

Watch Colbert’s monologue in the video above.

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