'Star Wars' Franchise Tweets Some … intelligent Baby Name Ideas

Following the news that “Kylo” is one of the fastest rising baby names in the U.S., the “Star Wars” franchise is jumping on the baby naming bandwagon.

On Wednesday, the official “Star Wars” Twitter account tweeted a hilarious graphic with more baby name ideas from the franchise.  

Kylo is so 2016. These are the Star Wars baby names you’re looking for. pic.twitter.com/oglshWSOS9

— Star Wars (@starwars) May 17, 2017

The “Star Wars” name suggestions include Sebulba, Snoke, Bor Gullet and URoRRuR’R’R.

Though it’s unlikely those names will be dominating preschool classrooms anytime soon, many other characters absorb influenced parents’ choices lately.

In addition to Kylo (the name of 238 boys and seven girls born in 2016), Anakin was a relatively well-liked choice (going to 303 boys and seven girls), as was Leia (1,005 baby girls), Rey (63 girls and 254 boys) and Ren (113 boys and 28 girls).

Luke also remains at large as the 29th most well-liked baby name for boys in the U.S., though the biblical name’s popularity can’t totally be attributed to “Star Wars.”

So what will be the next tremendous film franchise name? Only time will explain.

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