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They may dash LA, but now they’re headed to Israel. 

The trailer for season six of Shahs of Sunset is here, and it’s absolutely packed with drama. On the lowest discontinue of the spectrum, there’s butt waxing, lap dances, tattoos, costumed roller skating, a NSFW trip to the zoo, and a bit of falling down. 

On the other discontinue of things, Mike’s ex-wife Jessica reappears, Asa’s pregnancy throws the group into turmoil, Reza gets stuck in the middle of her fight with MJ, and everybody gets detained in the airport during a trip to Israel. And that’s just in the trailer! 

This season, the stars of the Bravo hit continue to deal with the fallout of the many “breakups, makeups and moments of betrayal” from final season. Asa is thrilled to announce that she’s pregnant, but her friends don’t acquire the news fairly as well as she hoped. Even though Reza’s busy with his own newlywed life, he finds himself stuck in between his two friends when MJ is desperate to expand her own family. 

Meanwhile, Mike is still reeling from his divorce, but never can accumulate his ex-wife Jessica out of his intellect (particularly when she shows up). At the same time, GG deals with her Rheumatoid arthritis, gets engaged, and gets a fraction in an off-Broadway play, sum before the group decides to acquire a trip to Israel to serve work on their friendships, only to realize that “the drama is only just beginning.” 

Finally, season six will also treat us to a fight in which the line, “Yeah I am deaf, bitch. Are you fleshy?” is uttered, and we literally cannot wait.

Shahs of Sunset premieres Sunday, July 16 at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

(E! and Bravo are both fraction of the NBC Universal family.)

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