Seth Meyers Uses 'Lying Hypocrite' Donald Trump's Words Against Him

Seth Meyers doesn’t judge President Donald Trump should be criticized for going on a 17-day vacation to his golf club in Bedminster, fresh Jersey. 

“I’m criticizing him for being a lying hypocrite,” Meyers said Monday. The “Late Night” host played clip after clip of Trump chastising former President Barack Obama for vacationing when he was in office. 

“You can’t leave the White House, fade to Hawaii and play golf for three weeks and be a real deal-maker,” Trump said in February 2016. “It doesn’t work that way.” 

Trump has also spent years tweeting his criticism of Obama’s time external the White House. 

“Even lying hypocrites deserve vacations,” Meyers said, “but what does he judge he’s done to deserve this vacation?”

catch a gape at Meyers’ takedown in the video above. 

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