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Friends forever!

There’s a brand-spanking unusual trailer for the certain-to-be hilarious unusual everything-lady comedy, Rough Night, starring Ghost in the Shell‘s Scarlett Johansson, Saturday Night Live‘s Kate McKinnonWorkaholics star Jillian Bell, Broad City‘s Ilana Glazer and gigantic tiny Lies actress Zoë Kravitz

It’s been 10 years since graduating from college, but these five friends are going to delight in the time of their lives—whether it kills them (or someone else!)

In the R-rated comedy, Jess (played by Johansson) reunites with her four college friends when they rent a beach house in Miami for her wild and raunchy bachelorette weekend, but everything goes awry (aka the stripper they hired ends up dead) during this life-changing night. 

Ty Burrell, Colton Haynes, Hasan Minhaj, Demi Moore, Enrique Murciano and Karan Soni round out the ensemble cast.

The film-driven comedy is also a female-directed comedy. Turns out, that the film’s director (and co-writer, along with Paul W. Downs), Lucia Aniello, is the first female director this century to direct an R-Rated comedy for women.

Initially titled Rock That Body, the film was included on the 2015 Black List of unproduced screenplays. Aniello and Downs produced the comedy alongside Dave Becky and Matt Tolmach, while Matthew Hirsch served as its executive producer. Downs also has a role in the ensemble film.

The “edgy” film features plenty of shocking moments that certain to delight in people talking and laughing out loud. But more than anything, Aniello told BuzzFeed, “It’s a film approximately friendships. It was really more approximately honing in on our experience of having friendships from high school and college that delight in evolved and perhaps, possibly gotten a tiny bit distant. What does it feel like when you reconnect with those people? Are people excited to be reunited? Are they resentful? What is that experience like?”

After the film comes out, she adds, “Hopefully it will delight in people reflecting on their own lives and their own friendships and relate to friendships that perhaps, possibly should be worked on.”

Rough Night hits theaters on June 16.

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