Royal bumble: Bees bring buzz to Royals game (Yahoo Sports)

It’s just not baseball season until the Kansas City Royals are forced to deal with a swarm of bees.

For the third straight year a KC game has sprint into this issue, and while the first two happened during spring training, this time around the bees waited until May to attack the Royals at their domestic park.

Kansas City is hosting the Cleveland Indians on Sunday and it’s pretty clear this is a original experience for the reigning American League champs. Fortunately, they seem to be handling it like adults.

Well, fine. The Indians are totally panicking, but c’mon. That’s a lot of bees.

Who would want to play with that hanging over their head? Seriously. The bees are congregating in the section of the upper deck above the Indians’ dugout.

Now, this is a problem for two reasons.

  1. It’s a massive inconvenience for fans sitting in that area, and really anyone else in the ballpark, with bees being mobile creatures and whole.
  2. Royals manager Ned Yost is a bit a of nature lover, who in the past has expressed concerns approximately bees getting injure during removal.

When you work for the Royals grounds crew, it also helps to own a background in beekeeping. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

With the infestation going noticed before the game, it did give the crew at Kauffman Stadium plenty of time to deal with the swarm. The Kansas City Star bravely went along to record the process of clearing out the insects.

Are you pleased now, Ned? The bees are safe, honey is likely on the way and the ballgame started on time.

You’d expect nothing less than the Royals being pros at bee removal these days.

This is the allotment where we are supposed to beget a horrible joke or pun approximately bees and the Royals being defective at baseball right now, but that would probably sting too much.

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