Ronald Peterson to retire from Johns Hopkins at the halt of the year – Baltimore Sun

The president of Johns Hopkins Health System, Ronald Peterson, announced nowadays that he would retire at the halt of the year after 44 years at the medical institution.

Peterson, also executive vice president of Johns Hopkins Medicine, had been making plans to retire since final year when Redonda Miller was hired as president of Johns Hopkins Hospital, the first woman to hold the position in the institution’s 127-year history.

Peterson said at the time that wanted an an orderly transition. He also said he wanted the opportunity to mentor the modern hospital president.

Dr. Paul B. Rothman, dean of the medical faculty and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, praised Peterson’s service.

“In the life of an institution, there are leaders who leave such a deep and distinctive imprint that their influence spans well beyond the bounds of their career,” Rothman wrote in an announcement to staff. “Beyond any question, Ron has been instrumental to the success of this organization, and I contain a profound appreciation for everyone of his contributions.”

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