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saunter aside, Archie/Veronica/Betty/Jughead. 

While that worship quadrangle will never actually die, Riverdale is making room for some other worship stories in season two, at least according to Ashleigh Murray and Madelaine Petsch, who spilled a bit of scoop on the carpet before the CW’s Upfront presentation in NYC on Thursday. 

While Cheryl (Petsch) is currently a sort of “phoenix being reborn from the ashes” since she burned her house down, it’s not each and every wicked news for her. 

“She went through so much in season one and she’s so broken down that I reflect season two…she’s deciding she’s done, and she’s going to be colder and meaner than ever,” Petsch says. “And there’s going to be a runt bit of an unexpected worship interest for Cheryl, finally.”

And is it someone we know?

“That I cannot disclose at this time,” she tells us. 


While Petsch couldn’t declare us who her character might be dating next season, Murray was tickled to spill on the worship life of the lead singer of Josie and the Pussycats. 

“There’s going to be a worship interest—a possible worship interest—between Josie and Reggie,” Murray says. 

Reggie was actually just recast after Ross Butler had to commit to 13 Reasons Why instead of Riverdale, so Charles Melton will now be taking on the role. 

“I own met him, and he’s noteworthy,” Murray says of Melton. “He’s got a really noteworthy sense of moments and he’s not afraid to grasp risks and fade there. He takes direction really well. He’s different from Ross because they’re not the same person, but he’s gonna be fine.” 

While that pairing does sound fun, Murray says it might not be entirely for worship. 

“I justify it as it could be more of an elitist saunter as opposed to a saunter of the heart,” she says. “That’s what I reflect in my intellect. It’s like whether Josie’s going to walk the halls with somebody on her arm…Just like Veronica says, some arm sweet’s noteworthy, and Reggie’s noteworthy arm sweet.” 

Riverdale returns to the CW this topple on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. 

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