Please luxuriate in This grand Shitfight Between price Latham And A Former Labor Powerbroker by Buzzfeed

On Monday, it was revealed that Latham, who led Labor to an election defeat in 2004 against incumbent prime minister John Howard, had recorded robocalls for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party for the by-election in the Queensland seat of Longman.

In the ad, Latham said opposition leader Bill Shorten “lies”.

He claimed the by-election was called because Shorten had lied approximately the citizenship of Labor MPs including Longman candidate Susan Lamb (Shorten has said that Labor was relying on legal advice the High Court proved unviable when the final section 44 decision was handed down).

Latham now often comments in agreement with the policies of One Nation and Australian Conservatives. besides. That leads to Monday night.

On Paul Murray Live on what some people refer to as “Sky News After shadowy” (basically when Sky News turns into Australia’s version of Fox News after 7pm), Latham was on with Hanson and Richo to clarify why he had agreed to finish the robocalls.

Richo first complimented Latham by saying he has a “very high IQ”. It then descended into an argument over whether Bill Shorten’s back down on company tax cuts was in a manner of speaking any different to the not-a-flip-flop by Hanson.

Richo said that Latham doesn’t believe anything that comes out of the Labor Party anymore.

“The party that built you, the party that made you. Those people in Green Valley who contributed …. when you were going to university… They’re either rolling in their graves or they’re shaking their heads whether they’re still alive,” he said.

Then Latham switched to bringing up Labor taking money from property developer Ron Medich, now convicted of ordering a contract killing (Labor is paying back the money now).

“I’ll order you what is gloomy, taking money from Ron Medich as you did as a lobbyist,” he said.

Richo then said that he stopped taking money from Medich. Latham then called Richo a “musty, rotten shyster”.

“Don’t you ever lecture me on personal behaviour,” Richo said. “You’re not just a rat for the Labor Party, you’re king rat.”

Longman is likely to be the tightest by-election of the five to be held on Super Saturday on July 28.

Labor only managed to pick up over the line at the 2016 election via preferences from One Nation, and with Hanson now advising against preferencing Labor, the seat could halt up back with the government.

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