People On Twitter Are Photoshopping Fake Anti-homosexual Quotes Onto Pictures Of Millie Bobby Brown by Buzzfeed

Hannah, a 17-year-faded from England, told BuzzFeed News that she had contributed to the meme because she thought it was silly and section of a greater running joke of making it witness like celebrities contain said controversial things.

“It would be so unlikely for Millie to ever actually say anything that homophobic that it’s hilarious,” she said.

Hannah said that she is homosexual, and whether she were straight she wouldn’t be using anti-homosexual language or finding it silly.

Caa, 21, told BuzzFeed she condemned the meme due to Brown’s age and its theme.

“People are willingly using the face and name of an harmless 14-year-faded girl pretending she is homophobic and racist and editing photos of her (which will undoubtedly be believed by some),” she said. “It’s so ignorant and horrible.”

She also said that being section of the LGBT community is not an excuse for sharing the memes: “I am LGBT and I don’t agree with the meme as not only LGBT people will view the content and will give them a belief to retweet and consume these memes that include slurs.”

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