Paul Ryan's 'Super Weird' modern 'Action Hero' Video Backfires Spectacularly

Ryan is calling on Congress to fund construction of the wall using cash from American taxpayers, even though Trump promised Mexico would pay. 

But the wall isn’t what’s drawing most of the attention in Ryan’s modern video. 

Here’s some of the reaction: 

I didn’t judge Paul Ryan could watch more ridiculous than when he posted those weight-lifting photos.
And then he got on the horse.

— John Q. Public (@logicssafehaven) August 1, 2017

This is a unsuitable film with a grotesque budget & no coherent script. The hero seemed more unsafe than the supposed villains. 2 thumbs down.

— Adam Mordecai (@advodude) August 1, 2017

Obviously Paul Ryan has reversed course on his border wall position, but can we talk approximately the absurd helicopter and horse shots? Holy moly.

— Bryan Bennett (@bryanbennett85) August 1, 2017

Paul Ryan on a horse? In a chopper? Nearly as goofy as Bush on an aircraft carrier. Costumes and props and some borrowed swagger. Is he 8?

— Stephanie C. DeGhett (@scdeghett) August 1, 2017

very few people watch more awkward on a horse than paul ryan

— Erin ?Gloria? Ryan (@morninggloria) August 1, 2017

No $$ for Healthcare for Americans, Meals on Wheels, etc…. but billions for a freaking wall that only needs a $26 ladder to scale? ? No.

— Mom-wench (@donna_neidert) August 1, 2017

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