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whether you’ve lost your job through an involuntary layoff, retirement savings is likely to be one of the many concerns on your intellect. And even whether retirement savings is a less instant concern than paying this month’s rent or mortgage, neglecting this significant resource can contain far-reaching negative consequences. To sustain your retirement savings on track during tough times, you need to contain a diagram. (For background reading, see You CAN Retire In A Recession.)

What to enact With What You’ve Got

The first step in your diagram should be to assess your savings situation. whether you contain been participating in an employer-sponsored retirement savings program, you may contain amassed a substantial portfolio, particularly whether the layoff comes late in life. This money is significant to your future, so don’t touch it.

Taking money out of a retirement savings diagram can result in serious damage to your savings in more ways than you might contemplate. Many defined-benefit plans will not even give you the option of early withdrawal. whether you enact remove your funds, not only will your savings no longer be working on your behalf, but you will owe income tax and, whether you are younger than age 59.5, a 10% penalty for early withdrawal. That is likely to amount to at least a 30% loss right off the top. Even borrowing from your 401(k) is a tainted plan. (For insight into how dipping into your future savings can contain serious consequences, read Eight Reasons To Never Borrow From Your 401(k).)

Retirement savings is meant for one purpose only, and that’s to fund your retirement. whether you sustain the money invested while you are out of work, it will sustain working for you. Depending on the balance in your account, you may even be able to leave it in your former employer’s retirement savings diagram even after you no longer work for the company. Most plans permit former employees to preserve their accounts as long as the account balance meets the required minimum, which varies by diagram but is generally between $1,000 and $5,000. whether you contain at least that much in your account, you can leave it right where it is, maintaining your portfolio in the exact same investments that you chose while you were working. (For more, see Transfer Retirement Savings When You Change Jobs.)

whether you don’t meet the minimum, you can sustain your nest egg intact by rolling it over into an individual retirement account (IRA). whether you contain multiple accounts from preceding employers, now may be a obedient to consider consolidating your accounts. In general, the fewer the number of accounts that you contain open, the lower the number and amount of administrative fees that you are paying. (whether you contemplate moving your money to an IRA is the right strategy for you, read Common IRA Rollover Mistakes for tips on how to avoid paying excess taxes.)

sustain Building

Once you’ve taken care of your existing savings, the next step is to figure out whether you can find a way to sustain your pre-layoff retirement savings rate. recall a gaze at the numbers. How much were you putting absent? Was there a company match? Can you afford to continue putting absent the same amount of money while you are unemployed? (whether you must leave your job, depart out fighting for the best benefits you can derive, see The Layoff Payoff: A Severance Package.)

whether you don’t know the answers to these questions, it’s time to recall a gaze a gaze at the numbers. whether you don’t contain a budget, now is the time to save one together. It will relieve you figure out where you stand and what you can enact. When you are gathering totality of your information together, be certain to file for unemployment and factor your unemployment checks into your income calculations. whether you received a severance package with the layoff, factor that in too. whether you are otherwise financially secure, you may be able to spend your severance package to bolster your retirement savings. (To derive started, read The Beauty Of Budgeting.)

Because you are no longer employed, you will not be able to invent additional contributions to the retirement savings diagram sponsored by your former employer, even whether your balance is high enough that you don’t contain to coast the account. The solution to this challenge is to open an IRA and invent regular contributions to it. (Read IRA Contributions: Eligibility And Deadlines to memorize more.)

whether You Can’t sustain Building, sustain Tabs

whether you stop using credit cards and slice your spending, you may be able to free up some cash, but whether you can’t match your pre-layoff savings rate, determine whether you can afford to save anything at totality. whether so, figure out the incompatibility and sustain track of it. You may be able to invent it up later. whether you are unable to save at totality, sustain tabs on the amount you would contain saved had you been working.

The Bottom Line

Your layoff is a temporary state of unemployment. You will find another job and, ideally, that job will let you derive your retirement savings back on track. Over time, you may be able to add to your account balances to invent up for the money you were unable to set aside while you were unemployed. It can be a long road to recovery, but retirement can final decades. When you derive to your golden years, you’ll be glad that you kept working at building your nest egg, even when money was tight.

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