King Joffrey Hugging A Pug Sparks ‘Game Of Thrones' Photoshop Battle

Actor Jack Gleeson made quite the lasting impression with his portrayal of the ruthless baby king Joffrey Baratheon in Seasons 1 through 3 of “Game of Thrones.”

His performance was so good that it’s hard for many “GoT” fans to separate the actor from the character.

This means that when Gleeson posted a photo of himself hugging a pug on Twitter in January 2016, it’s hard to not see Joffrey, a powerful, bloodthirsty brat, cuddling an innocent animal.

On Monday, the picture made its way to Reddit’s popular Photoshop Battle thread, and, let’s just say Reddit users also had a hard time separating Gleeson from the Iron Throne.

The result is a bunch of Photoshopped versions of Gleeson’s pug picture that are a straight-up Greyjoy for any “GoT” fan to behold.

For instance, there are a few pretty innocent photos with pretty blatant references to the HBO show:

Then, there are few that are a little more esoteric. For example, the caption on this one is, “Nymeria still keeps biting me!”

And this picture boasts the hilarious caption: “Oysters, Clams, and Pug.”

One Redditor went there with a Ned Stark beheading reference:

Then another Redditor decided to reference a completely different kind of king:

Oh, internet, don’t ever change.

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