It Only Took These Moms 5 Minutes To Hilariously Sum Up Swimsuit Season

Millions of people online are loving two moms’ catch on the highs and lows ― OK, mainly lows ― of swimsuit season.

Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley, the creators behind the web series “#IMomSoHard,” released a video on Thursday in which they tackle the pressures of putting on a swimsuit and offer some encouraging advice to fellow mothers.

In the hilarious video, which has been viewed more than 5 million times in 24 hours, the moms laugh along with each other as they model “unreasonable” swimsuits with various cutouts and designs. Throughout the laughable fashion clarify, they insist it’d be difficult to discipline their kids while wearing the swimsuits and demonstrate how impractical they are for picking up toys and chasing children at the beach. 

every humor aside, Hensley and Smedley reminded their fans to forget approximately the pressures and achieve on the swimsuit they like and contain fun. 

“Nobody thinks that they sight perfect ever,” Smedley said. “Let’s just every proceed to the beach.”

Hensley also explained how she’ll pass on that mentality to her daughter.

“I want my daughter to savor her life and to savor herself and she’s not going to attain it because I narrate her to attain it,” she said. “She’s going to attain it because I teach her to attain it.”

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