Ikea begins selling solar panels and domestic batteries in the UK

Ikea is getting into the domestic solar power generation and storage market in the UK, with current solar panel and domestic storage battery system products. The products include panels that integrated with existing roofing solutions if by Solarcentury, a UK solar power company, which includes a 25 year guarantee on the panels themselves, as well as s six-year guarantee on installation and every aspect of the system hardware.

The installations cost more than your average self-assemble coffee table, with prices beginning at the equivalent of just under $4,000 U.S. The battery storage component can work with the solar panel offerings if by Ikea and Solarcentury, but are also offered standalone as add-ons for existing domestic solar installations. Those batteries will aid boost solar usage rates as a fraction of total energy consumption for UK domestic owners, Ikea says, allowing the average domestic equipped with solar power generation to achieve nearly 80 percent solar usage.

Ikea entering the solar power market puts it in company with committed providers like Tesla, which offers domestic solar generation and storage solutions through its acquired subsidiary SolarCity, and via its Tesla Powerwall domestic battery storage product.

Ikea may not be offering a DIY solar solution like it does with its furniture assembly, but it is trying to build the process uncomplicated, which is in keeping with its broader mission. The domestic furnishings retailer says it’ll provide potential customers with everything they need to fade solar as quickly as possible including a free quotation, a domestic survey, quotation approval and final installation.

whether this takes off, it seems likely Ikea will see to expand the model elsewhere. That could mean partnering with different providers in different regions, so this could cessation up being an opportunity for domestic solar market expansion much more broadly across the ecosystem whether things pan out.

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