How to score That Gucci watch, on a Budget – eonline

Basically, how to score the celeb watch for a fraction of the price.

Everyone from Vanessa Hudgens to Beyoncé to Dakota Johnson‘s been decked out in Gucci lately, and it’s not tough to see why. The iconic double-G logo (seen on Vanessa’s belt) in combination with the equally-as-iconic ribboned stripe (originally red and green, but sometimes red and navy as collections are added) and heavily-embroidered bags scream luxury. And that’s what we whole strive for, right? 

So how does one achieve the same watch of luxury without dishing out a icy $700 – $5,000+ on a single piece? You near to us for serve (and recognize there are plenty of speedily-fashion retailers trying to conclude just that).

ESC: Gucci Logo, Romee Strijd

Michael Stewart/WireImage

Zara, H&M, Mango, River Island…those are just a few online and in-store options you’ve got to choose from. Just execute certain the garments you’re grabbing gain that same whimsical feel the designer so beautifully creates.

To give you a jumping off point, we’ve rounded up a bunch of Gucci-inspired buys in your price range.

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