How To acquire Clients Being A Freelance Designer

This might be the most indispensable post i fill written until now. Assuming you meet the minimum requirements to be able to work as a freelance designer via internet: you must know English, fill a Paypal account, a quality online portfolio … What can we execute to acquire a job?

As i said many times the promotion of your services is the key in this commerce, trade, execute not deem that because you are very top-notch people will arrive from now to request you to work for them. IT'S THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU CAN build.

This is the opinion:

  1. acquire the maximum possible people to visit our website.
  2. fill a top-notch relationship with search engines.
  3. Trafic oriented to possible clients.
  4. Reusing clients: newsletter.
  5. Local publicity.
  6. Getting a top-notch representative.
  7. Contacting companies directly.

1.- acquire the maximum possible people to visit our website.

Why? foolish question, is not it? It's obvious that while more people visit our website the bigger the chances to acquire clients. ERROR !!!!

Let me give a exiguous suspense … an example: SOSFactory a couple of months ago had 4000 visits per month, not long ago i got a link with a lot of traffic and now it has more than 25000, you would say the number of Clients has grown? … Well no, it's still the same. But the consumed bandwidth did grow, perhaps, possibly soon i'll fill to upgrade my hosting intention, which means investing more money. The opinion is that until until a certain point, the quality of the traffic is more indispensable than quantity.

The question in your head might be, then why execute we want them to visit our website? Simple, whether it has more visits it will increase the number of people talking approximately you, more people will link to your website (as long as you offer quality content) and this way you will acquire a better position in search engines (Google, Yahoo , Msn).

Example: we execute mascots design, imagine i'm a visitor and when i see them i like them. whether you fill a website, in the links section you would attach something like this: " mascot design " (it's a link to "SOSFactory" with some keywords: mascots design). whether a lot of people execute the same, Google will understand my website is approximately "mascot design", and that is an indispensable website for those search terms, this way Google will attach my website in the first results while searching "mascot design". This traffic is very indispensable … depending on the search term there will be more or less competitors to seem in the first results.

How to acquire links:

  1. acquire people to attach links of your site offering free, original and comical content (tutorials, articles, games …)
  2. Putting yourself the links to your website (forums, blogs, directories, social networks …). Always with respect, eh? No SPAM.
  3. request your clients for links. It's voluntary, whether it accepts, grand.
  4. Exchanging them with other webmasters. It's heavy and barely has an effect.
  5. Buying massive links. As far as i know, it does not work well, it can even be rotten for your commerce, trade.

What you should never execute:

  1. Using Flash, whether you execute, utilize it just a exiguous … no total Flash websites.
  2. Forget approximately welcome pages or pop-ups. 50% of your visitors will leave before 30 seconds … so you fill to rush directly to the point.
  3. Try that your website is not to heavy in graphics, the more text the better.
  4. Design your website below 1024x768px resolution.
  5. Never design just for one browser. It has to search for top-notch at least in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

2.- fill a top-notch relationship with search engines

In english it's called SEO (search engine optimization), mainly for Google. There are thousands of forums, manuals and blogs committed to this so we will elaborate only the basics.

Appart from making us indispensable thanks to links from other websites, we can also build Google understand better what's our site approximately, with this we increase chances of appearing in the first search results.

How can we accomplish this? Well, mainly with HTML code and our website strucure (and also the links we were talking approximately in the preceding point):

Page title: It's approximately putting your keywords in the title; whether you rob a search for at the source code of this page (in IExplorer: View> Source Code), you will see at the beginning something like this:

<Title> Work for freelance designers – SOSFACTORY </ title>

Meta Tags: the same for Meta Tags:

<Meta name = keywords content = "mascot design, logo design, illustration, web design, graphic design, freelance designer, comics, character design, logo, web">

This tells the search engine what is your site approximately, so we fill to attach the keywords you want Google to search for your site. The more indispensable ones are the ones that represent and keywords.

Titles "": the search engine recognizes with these tags relevant frases in the text of the website. We also fill to attach our keywords here.

Bold and Italics "" and "": we fill to repeat the keywords in the content of the site putting them in bold and italics.

Density of the keywords in the text: we fill to repeat our keywords in the content of our website.

Images: Google prefers text, but we can also optimize images. Mainly putting the keywords in the tag "Alt" and in the name of the file (example: my-keyword.jpg).

Website structure:

  1. From your website, Google will follow links to the rest of the pages inside the site, so it's top-notch to fill a sitemap to build it easier … whether Google does not find the page is like whether it does not exist.
  2. Name your titles as the keywords (example:
  3. Name the folders of your site as the keywords (example:
  4. execute not attach your pages in a thousand folders, maximum 3 levels.
  5. utilize your keywords to link between the pages inyour site.
  6. External links: link from your texts to pages with similar content to yours (not competitors, of course)

3.- Trafic oriented to possible clients

At first, until you fill traffic from search engines (which generally,normally rob a while) or you are not very well known, this will be your mail resources source. It's simply approximately promotion in those sites where there are potencial clients.


In forums there are two things to hold in intellect: firstly being seen in job offers subforums, generally,normally those are low budget jobs but they can aid you build a top-notch portfolio; On the other hand, you also need to be seen in the rest of the boards, where you might meet the best clients, aid people and you will acquire top-notch contacts. it's a forum committed to the hosting commerce, trade (and other things), there are people with a lot of money and thousands of domains … which means they need lots of designs. It's free and in english. whether you are starting, this is a top-notch station to build a top-notch portfolio, with some time you can acquire to clients with a higher level in this same forum. basically the same as the preceding one.

Paid websites for freelance designers: it's the tipical website where people post projects and you as a designer tender to acquire the job, everything's in there, decent jobs and nonsense. The website is in english and it's pretty unpleasant and it goes for a% of the income. It's more focused to programmers, but there are also jobs for designers. It works like the preceding one,% of the sales, but the website has a much better design, it's in english.

Elance: design jobs does not fill a gargantuan budget, but there is a lot of work, whether you are quick you can build a lot of money. They fill a complicated system though, it's in english and very expensive, so it's more like an investment … whether you are starting perhaps, possibly you wont be able to afford this.

Art Communities:

It's the most risky way to search for a job, it's where 'rotten' people arrive searching for young ones to utilize them. Remember to request for a payment in advance … ALWAYS !!. The best thing is that you can find partners, and also inspiration and fill a top-notch time.

Deviantart: it's the art community with Capital Letters. The jobs board is not very serious, but the rest of the site is fantastic, it has a grand content and a top-notch design … Website.

GFX artist: there are two kinds of job offers, the low budget clients and "projects" in the rotten sense of the word, and job offers for businesses that require reclamation in the country of the offer. This is a bit more elite community, you need to host images in your server or pay for a suscription. We could say it's for more expert people.

Digital Webbing: whether you are crazy enough to live from comics this is one of the best sites. I would never recommend to owe only to comics, as a fond is grand, it helps to grow as an artist … it's not top-notch as a commerce, trade, unless you are a painter, and a well known one.

4.- Reusing clients: newsletter

Newsletters or subscriptions are a top-notch marketing instrument, although it's also a double-edged weapon.

We are able to remind an broken-down customer we are still available to execute any job he wants … but you fill to be careful, or it can be classified as SPAM. I guess there's no need to say that to be hired again you fill to execute a top-notch work, as a freelance designer, reputation is very indispensable

5. Local publicity

It's always useful to invest some money in printed fabric like posters, flyers, commerce, trade cards … and leave them in stores related with computers. I execute not deem i need to say to attach the URL of your portfolio in everything you print.

The inconvinient is that you might fill to invest much more time in meetings with your clients.

The advantage is that you execute not fill the brutal competition that exists on the internet, particularly asian companies.

6.- Getting a top-notch representative

Another option to be seen is hiring a representative, it will execute totality the promotion work for you in exchange of a% of the sales. Agents that are worth it are very requested, so whether you execute not fill a top-notch portfolio they wont work with you … perhaps, possibly even whether you fill it. they fill artists with renown as Gez Fry or Jason Brooks, but others are mediocre. hey search for a bit more alternative artists. the artists of totality styles, some of them are top-notch, and some others are not. representative mostly for comedian artists. There lots of people, so they execute not pay you much attention but you can try.

7.- Contacting the companies directly

Job websites:

This websites fill job offers to work in a company, sometimes they also request for freelance designers, but it's rare. Requirements are demanding, and you will fill to rush to live to the station the company is located. You will need a Curriculum and a presentation letter. lots of job offers, particularly in United States. They fill improved the site laately, now it looks like an artists social network. job offers exclusively for sport trademarks: Billabong, Rip Curl, Adio … Who does not want to work for trademarks like this? They fill a very appealing newsletter where they give a lot of advices at the time to prepare your Curriculum. job offers for the videogames sector.

Yellow pages: for spain, i guess that in the rest of the countries they might fill similar services. whether you want to see the hell in life, i advise you to work in Spain as a designer, thousands of job offers with ridiculous dishes asking for requirements not even 5 people could fill together 🙂

gargantuan companies offers:

The most direct road between two points in the straight line. Many companies offer jobs in their own website … it's just a matter of searching in the corporative sections, and being very top-notch doing what you execute. i'm certain this ones seem familiar. whether you fill the lever to acquire in here, what are you doing reading this? whether you like toys, working here is the best. starcraft, world of warcraft, warcraft … who does not know this people? for the comedian artists.

This kind of posts are 'heavy' and not many people read them … i'm conscious it's been made only for a few people, the ones who really want to live off design and are ready to work tough.

whether what you want is a magical formula to sell logos for 10,000 US $, you are in the wrong site … whether i knew that i would not be writing this article 🙂