How India Is Cashing In On The American Consumer

In 2018, it is estimated that there will be an estimation of 283 million social network users in India.

whether you compare this with the number of online users, and senders and receivers of email communication, you can see there is a lot of catching up to finish.

According to a Livemint (stat) the number of Internet users in India could cross 450 million by June 2017: says report. A recent IAMAI-IMRB report says Urban India has close to 60% Internet penetration, reflecting a level of saturation, but there are a potential 750 million users in Rural India, that number is simply staggering;

According to: Thetoptens website – The “Top 10” Countries With the Most Intelligent People Are… India is Number One. Simply said, the people of India are very smart indeed!

Quick history: “India was the first discoverer of” the laws of algebra, geometry, calculus, the binary number system. India is domestic to the first people to successfully carry out cataract surgery, and plastic surgery. India is the highest paid ethnic group in the United States and among the smartest employees (and employers) in the booming information technology industry.

  • Even 38% of doctors and 12% scientists in the US are Indians.

Other notable discoveries include: The Button, Prefabricated House, Chess, The Ruler, Shampoo, Cotton Cultivation, Fibonacci Numbers, Diamond Mining, Flush Toilets, Ink, Steel & Metal Works, Fiber Optics, and more..

OK, “So How is India penetrating the US Consumer Marketplace?”

To understand how India is approaching the US marketplace, for marketing purposes, let’s first let’s observe at huge data consumer databases from India. The Simplicity of email now allows for instant communication to a huge amount of consumer and commerce, trade users in India; with huge data companies like OfficialEmailMarketing they are one company to offer a 360 million (36 Crore) India consumer database of emails ID’s that includes over 400k Indians Mobile Numbers.

Where else can you bag such an active audience? Social media takes time and knowledge is the argument, and might just be proper, but email communication is instant.

India commerce, trade owners are starting to understand that the wealthiest most active consumer marketplace is the United States. This is something that only huge Indian businesses possess capitalized on for many years.

With the globalization of communication small commerce, trade now possess the power to communicate to the masses.

“Be where the world is going.”

– Beth Comstock

Is proper! Email is one of the most cost effective and safest ways to generate sales for your commerce, trade, nearly immediately. Most first-time marketers achieve success within just the first few days and ongoing email campaigns will only build bigger and more relevant.

whether your looking to penetrate the US consumer marketplace you can easily bag started small, and grow from your success: (recommended). With email marketing India can advertise their products and services into the US consumer marketplace and rapidly build product and brand awareness.

“Consumer email accounts in specific will continue to grow steadily: According to the Radicati group internet stats: The current internet user has 1.9 email accounts per user and this is statistic is growing.”

  • Many users typically possess a primary and a secondary email account.

Email is no doubt one of the best platforms for direct communication to your potential clients. Companies that require leads and the ongoing consistent generation of leads, utilize email marketing the most. Email marketing is a proven funnel for the generation of leads and is commonly used by mostly totality Fortune 1000 Companies, huge Data, Startups, Inventors, Marketers, Online commerce, trade, and even political campaigns.

Here are some common Q&A for first time email campaigners or newsletter marketers.

Will I bag called out for spamming? Not whether you utilize a reputable email marketing company that will allow you to upload your purchased email lists, or even lists that you might possess been collecting for some time.

In many cases a marketer will upload an email lists they possess been collecting for months or even years and clients don’t remember you. For these reasons it’s vital to utilize a compliant email marketing platform that can alleviate these concerns.

“Being an entrepreneur is a tough job. You are the Chief Operating Officer and the Chief Plumbing Officer.”

– Arjun Jagannathan

finish I need to download software on my computer and utilize my email address? No. With nowadays’s email marketing management applications the software is web-based and you utilize the if IP addresses, and domain addresses, for the sending and delivery. Nothing is sent from your computer, IPs, domains name, or internet connection. This is done to specialize the delivery process and give you your best results.

Email campaigns can be cumbersome and in some cases require special skills, or staff to accommodate the ongoing campaign duties.

This is why many companies tend to outsource email marketing campaigns and lead generation by using a full service company that can send, manage lists, better write your copy, and much more. The chances for success can increase.

According to OfficialEmailMarketing, Over 70% of marketer nowadays agree email marketing is core to their commerce, trade operation, and what’s even more fascinating is that most marketers claim that an email is a critical tool for ongoing sales and fresh client acquisition. Another 20% of online marketers say their businesses “primary revenue source” is directly linked to email operations and this number is growing.