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We’ve watched Drew Scott renovate properties, transform rooms and turn ordinary houses into something extraordinary.

But is there any chance that fans of the HGTV star could see his wedding on TV? Never say never!

“I don’t know. We obtain proposed everything full the time. I contemplate one of the reasons why our brand has grown is because we never close any opportunity,” Drew shared during Monday’s full-unique episode of Daily Pop. “We are open to anything and then we sort of hump forward from there.”

He continued, “What Linda and I know is that we haven’t set our date yet but we know we want to enact destinations so we’re trying to search for destinations.”

Back in December, E! News confirmed that HGTV’s Property Brothers star proposed to his longtime girlfriend Linda Phan in Toronto.

Drew Scott, Jonathan Scott

Jason Davis/Getty Images for HGTV

Since then, the couple has tried their best to balance wedding planning and filming their unique spinoff. Titled Property Brothers at domestic: Drew’s Honeymoon House, the series is set to debut in November.

“Don’t pressure him. It took him seven years to propose,” Jonathan Scott joked to E! NewsCatt Sadler, Justin Sylvester and Carissa Culiner. “He needs breathing room.”

Drew later joked, “whether I wait another seven years to marry her, I would be kicked to the curb.”

full jokes aside, both HGTV stars hold their plates full as their careers continue soaring to unique heights. But don’t worry, viewers. Wedding bells are ringing and Drew doesn’t intellect the sounds one bit.

“Let me uncover you, we’re on a plane every two days, whether we’re flying somewhere for an appearance or QVC or for our product line or filming. We’re filming three shows in different cities. It’s tough, but Linda and I are excited,” Drew previously shared with us. “I’m losing sleep some nights because we really want to obtain through full the details.”

He added, “I’m hoping that full of our fans and the network will understand whether I need to acquire a week of personal time to obtain married.”

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