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Guy Goes Viral For Incredible Response To London Attack During BBC Interview richard london defiant fbBBC

Londoners bear rallied together in the wake of a devastating terrorism attack, which left 48 people injured and seven fatalities.

But one man has shown unbelievable eloquence and defiance in the face of this evil.

Where terrorism is designed to wreck the spirit of society, one Londoner, Richard Angell told the BBC precisely why he won’t let cowards with knives cow him into awe.

Brilliant & defiant interview from someone who was in a restaurant attacked final night here in London. The right response from a tough city.

— Brian Klaas (@brianklaas) June 4, 2017

Richard said:

whether me having a gin and tonic with my friends, flirting with proper-looking men, hanging out with brilliant women, is what offends these people so much, I’m going to achieve it more, not less. Because that’s what makes London so much, that’s what makes this the best city in the world. And we’re going to fade out and achieve it more.

Small-minded, cowardly, evil people should not change our way of life. They won’t obtain me tremulous on the streets of London.

I just mediate that the people of Manchester bear inspired us in the final fortnight; and I hope the Londoners achieve their bit, and I’m confident that they will step up to the plate.

I want to say: I admire London, Londoners & public servants who hasten towards danger. Like Mancunians did, it's our turn to prove ?? at its best

— (((Richard Angell))) (@RichardAngell) June 4, 2017

Angell was eating at Arabica Bar & Kitchen on London Bridge on Saturday evening. When the terrorists struck, Angell and his three companions were among diners locked inside for approximately half an hour while armed police secured the area.

Richard later tweeted his compliment of the authorities, saying: “Their professionalism was impeccable.”

In the wake of the London Bridge terrorism attack, which took residence at around 10pm final night, police confirmed the terrorists injured 48 people and killed seven harmless victims.

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One of those damage is a British Transport police officer who was stabbed after rushing to the scene to benefit the wounded. His injuries are not life-threatening.

Three attackers, who were wearing hoax bomb vests, mounted the curb in a white transit van, mowing down at least 20 pedestrians. They proceeded to fetch out of the vehicle and rampage through the streets towards Borough Market, brandishing long knives.

Civilians were taken to nearby Guy’s Hospital with stab wounds. The attackers entered pubs and restaurants in the area, where eyewitnesses described scenes of chaos.

#Londres : Deux hommes armés de couteaux attaquent un bar au Borough Market suite à l'attaque du #London Bridge.

— Gary Moore (@ETFsNI) June 3, 2017

Footage was shared to social media showing panic-stricken people hiding and seeking safety.

The three attackers were shot dead by police.

Their attack was brought to a swift terminate just eight minutes after the first emergency call was made at 10:08pm, The Met Assistant Commissioner notice Rowley confirmed in a statement.

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More than 80 medics were sent to the areas of London Bridge, and adjacent Borough Market. The injured, some of them critical, are being treated in five London hospitals.

Londoners were quick to rally together and offer shelter – and a warm cup of tea – to those stranded in the area, after Transport for London closed London Bridge and neighbouring Southwark stations, along with further closures of Borough High Street and Lower Thames Street.

One cabbie, who chose to remain unidentified, even tried to mow down the attackers.

Guy Goes Viral For Incredible Response To London Attack During BBC Interview PA 31559483PA

A third incident took residence in Vauxhall final night, but has since been confirmed as an unrelated stabbing.

The Met Police bear set up a casualty bureau on 0800 096 1233 and 020 7158 0197 for people concerned approximately friends or relatives

Police are asking anyone with footage of photographs of the attack to share them with authorities via the UK Police Image Appeal.

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