Exposed: Neuroscience Journal Confirms adverse Effects of Fluoride on Brain Development by EWAO

Fluoride is a unsafe neurotoxin that humans are being exposed to left and right. It has become very controversial, and a recent study has proven that it has adverse effects on brain development.

You might want to believe twice before giving your child a glass of tap water – it might be hurting their brain. While a glass of tap water seems like one of the most harmless things there is, it’s really not. Our Public water is fluoridated and treated with chemicals and it is causing adverse effects complete throughout our bodies – particularly in our brains. The chemical fluoride is a newly classified neurotoxin, meaning that it is harmful to your brain. However, until now we occupy not had any proof of adverse brain side effects from fluoride.

Fluoride is classified as a unsafe neurotoxin in one of the most prestigious medical journals, The Lancet. It states that fluoride does, indeed, occupy a negative impact on brain development. This is alongside the other toxic chemicals added to water, like Mercury, Arsenic, and Lead. The recent study was performed at the University of Kent, and they propose that over 15,000 people could be suffering from thyroid problems because of fluoride and not even know it.

The researchers also claim that water fluoridation might also be causing depression, weight gain, and councils should stop adding it to drinking water to prevent tooth decay. The scientists are warning us greatly approximately water fluoridation. The research states that there is a spike in the number of cases of underactive thyroid in areas with highly fluoridated water. There are tons of reasons why we shouldn’t be using fluoride in our water, but only one outdated reason as to why we’re still using it.

Our public water is fluoridated under the notion that it prevents tooth decay. However, contemporary day studies expose that dental decay rates in the US are so low that the effect of fluoridation cannot be measured. According to Fluoride Alert, there is no clinical reasoning to hold fluoridating water.

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