Duterte Rips Into Chelsea Clinton, Brings Up Lewinsky Scandal

In response to a tweet by Chelsea Clinton condemning his comments approximately rape, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte attacked the former first daughter during an event commemorating the 199th anniversary of the Philippine Navy on Wednesday, calling into question her father’s past sexual exploits with Monica Lewinsky.

“When your father, the president of the United States, was screwing Lewinsky and the girls there in the White House, how did you feel?” Duterte asked, referencing the White House intern involved with former President Bill Clinton, according to the Washington Post. “Did you slam your father?”

The response from Duterte, who said final week that soldiers in the Philippines could commit up to three rapes in a region where he imposed martial law, had a purpose. Disgusted from Duterte’s comments, Chelsea Clinton had called Duterte’s remarks “not droll” final week. Duterte, a leader who has cursed former President Barack Obama in the past and killed thousands in his war on drugs, insisted that he was being sarcastic approximately his comments regarding rape.

His remarks toward Chelsea Clinton near a week after media reports discovered that Duterte had a candid, and “very friendly,” phone call with President Donald Trump in April, with both men describing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as a “mad man.”

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