DPW boss says smart meters will improve Baltimore water billing system within the year – Baltimore Sun

The head of Baltimore’s water department told City Council members Wednesday that he expects the problem of disputed water bills to be greatly improved next year thanks to the rollout of smart-meter technology.

Rudy Chow, the city’s director of public works, told the council’s Budget and Appropriations Committee that the department has progressed significantly in his six years running it.

“We are making a tremendous amount of progress in terms of getting ourselves into a regular state where water billing isn’t a problem on the technology discontinue or customer service,” he said.

The city introduced original meters in October that can degree how much water a customer uses hour by hour and beam back information to the water department wirelessly. It also began sending customers monthly bills at that time. Previously, the department’s crews were deployed to read meters every three months.

Chow said approximately 1,000 properties attain not maintain the original meters installed because they need additional maintenance or infrastructure work done first.

Chow faced questions from several of the committee members approximately problems with bills, which maintain long dogged the city and users. Councilman Brandon Scott said the issue was the top problem for his constituents.

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