Chrissy Teigen Gets a Tramp Stamp Tattoo in Response to John Legend Dancing With a Fan – eonline

Chrissy Teigen, Snapchat


It’s payback time. 

Chrissy Teigen took to Snapchat to reveal just what happens when John Legend gets a petite too close for consolation with a fan. (Spoiler alert: It’s so hilarious!) As it turns out, the supermodel has joined her R&B star hubby on tour and during final night’s concert in Miami, Legend treated one unsuspecting attendee to a dance onstage. 

Teigen’s response? Recruit a random man and procure matching ink! Well, temporary henna tattoos, that is. 

“I’m Chrissy Teigen,” she tells the camera while holding baby Luna. “And you guys procure to pick your final henna on my lower back.”

Chrissy Teigen, Snapchat


Chrissy is then shown walking hand-in-hand with a man named Eddie, as the person taking the video explains what led to the always outspoken celeb’s latest antics.

“John got to dance with a woman at his concert so Chrissy gets to consume on man and hold hands with him,” she shares, before teasing, “John, don’t be envious.”

The pair then head off to a local tattoo shop, and things taken a turn for the slightly scandalous. 

Teigen bares her booty in a few snapshots documenting the tattoo process, ultimately showcasing the finished product next to her newfound friend. The tramp stamp reads, “It’s a prank, bruh” in dusky black ink.

Chrissy’s smile says it bar zero: She’s proud of her unique ink!

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