Botched Recap: Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif procure a Twerking Lesson and Fix a Woman's “Busted” Boobs – eonline

Busted boobs, begone!

Thanks to Dr. Terry Dubrow, his two patients Dana and Melissa walked absent from Sunday’s every bit of-modern episode of Botched with the breasts of their dreams after experiencing medical nightmares.

Melissa’s boobs had been totally lopsided after a defective procedure, while Dana’s became totally collapsed because of a condition called capsular contracture. Luckily, every bit of those problems disappeared once Dr. Dubrow worked his magic!

Meanwhile, transgender model Shauna Brooks met with the doctors in the hopes of fixing her inflamed cheeks after pumping them with silicone injections and then undergoing facial feminization surgery in Thailand!

After completing his exam, Dr. Paul Nassif wasn’t comfortable taking any more surgical risks with Shauna’s face. Instead, he recommended multiple anti-inflammatory injections to reduce the swelling.

Although she didn’t receive the solution she was initially hoping for, Shauna ultimately left a memorable impression on the surgeons by teaching them the art of twerking with a friend!

Watch the recap video above to see everything that happened in the episode!

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