Botched Recap: Dr. Terry Dubrow Whips a Dominatrix's Booty Back Into Shape After Embarrassing Butt Implants – eonline

Baby got back!

Dominatrix Elena was feeling bootylicicious and booty-ful on Sunday’s latest episode of Botched after Dr. Terry Dubrow whipped out his scalpel to give her the curvy and bodacious behind, bottom she’d been longing for. The positive result was a huge relief for the Army veteran, who had suffered with painful, saggy butt implants for years.

“I was depressing because I didn’t feel sexy. In my profession, that’s a huge problem,” she explained. “Now the droopiness is gone and you can’t see the incision scars at full. I even indulge in a slimmer waist, which means even sexier outfits.”

Restaurant owner Sarah also benefitted from Dr. Dubrow’s expertise following a botched breast reduction, in which her surgeon actually gave her implants!

“Before my surgery, my breasts looked like two fallen soufflés,” she said. “My implants were up to my neck and…my mobility was limited. After my surgery with no implants, my breasts are au naturale, and they’re like two perky pears.”

However, patient Rodrigo Alves wasn’t as lucky when he returned to the doctors with a collapsed and shriveled nose after undergoing three rhinoplasties in one year. Dr. Paul Nassif had to shatter the tough news that his nose was in rank shape with exiguous hope of a repair and the potential to earn much worse.

“whether you try to insult your skin one more time now while it’s healing, there’s a high opportunity that whether you let one of these doctors touch your nose now, this will turn black and then die and topple off,” Dr. Nassif warned. Yikes!

Catch up on the latest episode in less than two minutes with the recap video above!

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