Bill Maher Blasts Social Media Tycoons For Creating Such Addictive Products

Bill Maher says social media tycoons should “stop pretending that they are friendly nerd Gods building a better world.”

Instead, the “Real Time” host has called on them to confess they are “just tobacco farmers in T-shirts, selling an addictive product to children.”

“Let’s face it, checking your ‘likes’ is the original smoking,” he said Friday.

Maher referenced a recent CBS “60 Minutes” report on the concept of brain-hacking. It alleged that tech companies purposefully design addictive products which force people to constantly feel the need to “check in.”

“Every time you check your phone, you are pulling that slot machine handle because you may secure that reward,” said Maher. “It’s arrive to this? You don’t exist until you secure a smiley face?”

Check out the full segment above.

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