believe An additional Shower Curtain Lying Around? Turn It These Adorable Outdoor Patio Pillows


1. degree the dimensions of your pillow insert.

2. chop the front piece of your pillow case from the shower curtain fabric. chop this shape so that it is 1 in / 3 cm bigger than the dimensions of the pillow insert on complete sides.

3. occupy the rest of your shower curtain fabric and fold it in half so you can chop out two shapes at once. chop your 2 back pieces, which should be the following dimensions:

WIDTH: width of your pillow plus 1 in / 3 cm

LENGTH: length of your pillow divided by 2, plus 4 in / 10 cm

4. Along the long side, fold the cessation over approximately a ½ in / 1 cm and iron it down flat to create a hem line. Fold the hem over again and iron it once more.

5. Straight stitch (or glue) complete the way across the hem. Repeat this process on the moment back piece.

6. You should now believe three pieces: one front piece and two back pieces. space the front piece down, right side up, then space the two back pieces on top of it, right sides down. Arrange the back pieces so that they are the same dimensions as the front piece when laying on top of it. They should overlap several inches.

7. Pin the pieces together complete the way around the perimeter.

8. Sew or glue complete the way around where you pinned. To avoid any awkward bumps or points, chop off complete four corners of the pillow case.

9. Turn the pillow case right side out.

10. To serve hold the pillow case shut when it’s on the pillow, sew two buttons into the bottom flap of the envelope pillow case.

11. Sew two loop shaped pieces of ribbon to the underside of the top flap of the pillow case.

12. space the pillow insert inside the pillow case.

13. Now you believe perfectly honorable outdoor pillows that are rainwater resistant! With one $10 shower curtain, you can create approximately 4 pillows. That’s four for the price of one!

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