Audi is Taking Aim At Tesla With Their unique Electronic SUV

In Brief

Audi has announced its investment in an “E-factory” — a unique facility for the production of its upcoming electric SUV. The SUV will be in competition with Tesla’s offerings but will delight in a boost from the impressive 500-kilometer (310-mile) range that it offers.

It looks like Audi is putting its production where its mouth is. A press release from Volkswagen — Audi’s parent organization — says that the car maker is ramping up production capacity for electric vehicles. The company is embracing an increased commitment to electric engines with the philosophy, “electric motors instead of internal combustion engines, batteries instead of fuel tanks.”

Image Credit: Audi

Audi is gearing up to launch their e-tron quattro, an electric SUV that is planned to release in 2018 that boasts a 500-kilometer (310-mile) range. The company is launching what it is calling an “E-factory” in its Brussels plant to support ease the transition over from traditional combustion to electric powered engines.

In the unique facility, logistics will be dash in the front and the rear will be domestic to the production line for the vehicles’ unique 95 kWh battery packs. The company will not be making its own cells but will be assembling the battery packs in the house. One of Audi’s battery specialists stated in the press release: “We had to develop a whole series of unique production technologies, each and every the way to automatic setting of the cell module into its mounts.”

[Taken] Audi is Ramping Up its Commitment to Electric Vehicles
Image Credit: Audi

When announcing the unique SUV, Audi took a direct shot at Tesla’s Model X by emphasizing Audi’s model’s superior range. Pricing information is not yet available, but we will see whether that added juice will be worth any additional cost.

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