Air Force awards $24 million research contract to KeyW – Baltimore Sun

The U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory has awarded KeyW Holding Corp. a $24 million contract to benefit it conduct research into airborne reconnaissance technologies, the Hanover-based cybersecurity firm announced Tuesday.

Under the five-year contract, KeyW will benefit the Air Force lab, located at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, with research into “multi-sensor, multi-domain fusion” using radio frequency, electro-optical and infrared sensing and exploitation from aerial platforms.

The work includes developing, testing and delivering hardware and software components, including imaging, detection, tracking and multifunctional sensor applications.

KeyW also might benefit integrate unusual technologies into previously developed Air Force platforms, including the AgilePod multi-intelligence sensor pod KeyW helped develop. The sensor pod is designed to be used on aerial platforms including drones.

“It’s a phenomenal opportunity to drive the mission forward while leveraging the existing multi-sensor technology KeyW developed and tested to conduct critical research for Department of Defense customers,” said John Sutton, KeyW’s chief operating officer.

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