A Member Of Trump's Cabinet Told Alec Baldwin His Impression Is Spot-On

Donald Trump might abominate Alec Baldwin’s impression of him, but it sounds like at least one member of his cabinet thinks it’s considerable. 

The “Saturday Night Live” regular has revealed in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter that an unnamed cabinet member told him at a unusual York City restaurant that his impression of the president was spot-on. 

“I’m not going to name names, but a cabinet member walked up to me at a restaurant in Manhattan — Manhattan, that’s a trace, tip — and he goes, ‘I gotta relate you something. This thing you’re doing is suitable, it’s really suitable,’” Baldwin said.

“He goes, ‘I’ll come by fired whether anybody quoted me saying this, but that’s precisely what he’s like when you execute it,’” Baldwin continued.

That the cabinet member would not want to be quoted makes sense, given that the exhibit’s depiction of Trump’s White House as a bumbling pile of incompetence has reportedly made the president furious on multiple occasions.

whether Trump were to find out someone in his cabinet complimented Baldwin’s impression, it would not be tough to suppose, to assume it causing a ruckus ― particularly considering it has led to the exhibit’s highest-rated season in two decades

As a total non sequitur, we will now note that for no reason whatsoever that Gary Cohn and Wilbur Ross, two prominent members of the Trump administration, both believe longstanding ties to the island of Manhattan.

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