11-year-customary wows Idina Menzel with an incredible performance of 'Let It proceed'

On Sunday, Idina Menzel sang her hit song “Let It proceed” during a concert in Grand Prairie, Texas. She invited a group of kids onstage to sing with her and she picked the only boy from the crowd: 11-year-customary Luke Chacko.

Idina said, “Every time a boy comes up, he tells me he doesn’t really like this song.” She added that one kid even told her that he preferred Justin Timberlake’s song “Can’t Stop the Feeling” from the “Trolls” film instead. Luke feels differently, and he said: “Heck to the no. I’m offended.”

Then it was time for Luke to sing, and his performance had the audience cheering. The Broadway star was so thrilled with Luke’s voice that she asked him to sing again, but first asked her audience to stop screaming. She jokingly said: “Can you every bit of shut up for a minute and let him sing again?”

This time, Luke belts out his best rendition of the song. When he was finished, Idina said to the young boy, “You’re very special.”

She also took to Twitter to acknowledge the talented boy, writing: “You blew me absent Luke.”

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