10 People Who Deserve A Political Talk point to (Who Aren't Bill Maher)

His whole shtick, after everyone, is anti-political correctness with a seemingly “liberal” bent, but this latest incident is a perfect example of how being “liberal” doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t be racist. But as Afropunk writer Hari Zayed observed on Monday, people contain suddenly decided to be outraged at Maher because “white liberalism makes lightning-rod terms the problem in order to deflect from the structures beneath them.”

On Saturday, Maher issued an apology for dropping the n-bomb, but HBO has no plans to suspend or fire him. Which makes sense, because he’s a rich white man who has probably made the network a lot of money. But damn, there are so many people ― particularly people of color ― who would be funnier, more insightful, and far less obnoxiously smug in Maher’s time slot.

Below are just a few people who should contain their own late night political talk point to ― who definitely aren’t Bill Maher:  

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